Sunday Arches display a casual cool in new single ‘What Now?’

Fast Tracked: The London four-some serve up a restrained track that bubbles up under the surface

Photo via Bandcamp

With fantastic recent singles from new bands like SWAY, Saytr Play, and BLOXX, there’s been a nice wave of whipsmart guitar rock emerging out of the UK. The next in line comes from Sunday Arches, a London quartet who level a healthy dose of casual cool in new singe “What Now?”. The slashy guitarwork will pull easy comparisons to Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines, but Sunday Arches are clearly concocting their own type of sonic cocktail that deals as much in skillful restraint as youthful aggression. “As with all our songs, this song was a case of looking at myself and being completely honest,” says Sunday Arches’ Sam Juner. “The pictures that are painted aren’t always the most flattering, but they are always heart-on-sleeve personal accounts.” We’re excited to hear more Featured image via Bandcamp.