Kat Saul unabashedly airs her laundry list of dating Q’s on ‘Middle Name’

Saul’s got an entire extended dating app questionnaire for her boo in the new single, which dropped this past Monday


Everyone once in a while, a musical up-and-comer drops a song that’s a perfect, essay-worthy antithesis to a pop staple; and with “Middle Name,” Kat Saul comes down hard on Kesha’s sleazy mentality in “Blah Blah Blah.” Where the ol’ Animal tune was making a (very suggestive) point of cutting the chit chat in dating circa 2010, Saul’s got an entire clipboard of Q’s for her potential new boo. “How close are you to your sister? / Are you more summer or winter?/ Do you hold grudges, stay bitter like I do?” the Nashville singer grills lovingly in an effort to keep her budding relationship real. Call it an extended dating app questionnaire. Press play below to prep for Saul’s forthcoming EP, title TBA, out March 6. Featured photo courtesy of Tallulah PR.