Listen to a 19-hour chronological playlist of David Bowie’s career

This Spotify collection wrangles up 275 Bowie songs, from his 1967 debut to his farewell masterpiece 'Blackstar'


This January 10 will mark three years since David Bowie left us, and we’ve all been a damn mess ever since. Seriously, just look how society has crumbled since January 10, 2016, and it’s impossible to not assume it was the man himself holding everything together. As the anniversary of Bowie’s death approaches, a massive 19-hour Spotify playlist from earlier this year has been making the internet rounds lately, and it details the man’s legendary career in chronological order. The 275-song collection begins with Bowie’s 1967 self-titled debut and concludes with his swan song masterpiece, Blackstar. Of course, we don’t need to detail the shifts and streaks through this iconic 50-year run — but it’s remarkable to hear his evolution unfold uninterrupted. Fire it up below. [h/t hhhhappy.com]