Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Kal Marks

The Boston trio released Studio 52 fave 'Universal Care' earlier this year and play Great Scott this Sunday


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Studio 52 Spotlight: Kal Marks

What Studio 52 Says: Kal Marks’ latest full-length album Universal Care dropped in February and it has remained one of our favorite records of the year. The post-hardcore punk trio hits at a unique form of atmospheric grunge that deliberately sludges its way throughout the album. Vocalist Carl Shane’s shrieks interject the crawling and sometimes lawless arrangements and create a cacophony of piercing guitar and bass riffs on top of the bedrock drum work by drummer Alex Audette. The 12-track record takes you on an adventure, filled with winding ups and downs in the tempos and lyrical content. We always compare Kal Marks to a bomb without a timer — you never know when they’re about to explode because harmonious measures often give way to raucous choruses and refrains that rip through your skull and rattle your teeth. Unlike bombs, though, you definitely want to get close to these guys when they play. They’re loud, they’re energetic, and they’re everything we love about Boston punk bands. You can catch them this Sunday night (December 9) at Great Scott in Allston amidst an exceptional line-up supporting Justus Proffit and Jay Som. — Andrew Maroney, Studio 52

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