Shy Beast offer up stubborn rebellion on new EP ‘Leave Me/Let Me’

The Austin band disguises discomfort as delight on three new tracks

Shy Beast frontwoman Mariclaire “MC” Glaeser has a huge hole in her heart and she needs you to stop bringing it up already. “Leave Me Be,” the new single from the Austin group’s new EP Leave Me/Let Me, brushes blues under the rug with breezy, slick indie-pop and disguises a sour mood and outlook on love as a seemingly jangly disposition. In reality, the track’s drenched in a dogged desire to fold on l’amour. “Each track on the EP Leave Me/Let Me represents a different type of rebellion,” says Glaeser. “The song ‘Monday/Sunday’ walks through the smug enjoyment of giving someone a taste of their own medicine, whereas ‘Leave Me Be’ and ‘Flowers Grow’ provide elements of a stubbornness in the face of social norms.” Tune in to the groovy defiance below. Featured photo from Big Picture Media.