Blood Beach capture an alt-R&B feeling of empowerment on ‘Skyline’


For the past few years we’ve all been trained to wait and listen for the drop. But on Blood Beach’s new single “Skyline”, it’s a drip that unleashes a kaleidoscopic torrent of emotion and sound. The second and latest release from the young London alt-R&B duo of vocalist Lucy Hayes and producer Sleepy Eye — we hyped their stirring debut, “Your Eyes”, back in March — shines like morning as guest bars from TM add a hip-hop element to the joint. The various components at play here intertwine and twinkle on a track the duo say is rooted in inspirational feeling. “We both came to London to chase music,” Blood Beach tell The Line of Best Fit. “Everyone develops their own relationship with it as a place, and ‘Skyline’ is about that. It’s about finding a sense of home, and specifically about how beautifully relationships can grow in a place like London. Everything is changed, enhanced. ‘Skyline’ captures the unique feeling of being inspired, enveloped and overwhelmed by the city you live in.” We get that feeling here in Boston when we look our own gorgeous skyline. Hopefully Blood Beach will gaze our way soon.