SWAY transport us to a better place on the majestic ‘Haven’


Last year on a certain single, RIDE described “home” as “a feeling.” But we always subscribe to the notion that home is also a a particular sound — one that comforts, transports, and eases you backwards or forwards into a better place.

That’s the sentiment that fills our hearts and minds as “Haven”, a calmly boisterous new track from young Scottish band SWAY, blares from our speakers with reckless guitar-rock precision, gliding along with delicate ease for its first few minutes before unfolding into blissful noise-pop brilliance, barreling to a conclusion that affirms these gents are only now getting started. To say we’re intrigued by what’s to come here is an understatement, as SWAY seem to manage both the weight and expectations of rekindling shoegaze and noise-pop’s glory days while standing firmly planted in the now and next. It’s an interesting balance, one that makes the near-six-minutes of “Haven” a introspective sonic journey that feels like the opening chapter to your new favorite saga.

SWAY might get pegged as having a throwback sound, but it’s clear they’re not concerned with easy comparables; instead they’re simply transporting all of us to a time where music had not just emotion, but a gravitational pull. Make sure you’re holding on tightly for that majestic finale, and allow yourselves to let SWAY consume and console. We have a feeling we’ll all appreciate where we end up.


Featured image by Daniel Blake Photography, via GOOD//CAREFUL.