Jenna Kyle drifts into an electronica-driven vortex on ‘Paths’


On her new track, Jenna Kyle says she’s on the edge of something that she can’t quite place; her best word for it is “Paths”, but we call it a damn vortex. The 3:23-minute song, released on November 1, spirals into a whirlwind of pulsing electronica, yielding a surprising amount of clarity for Kyle. “‘Paths’ has been many things to me,” she says. “Especially a meditation on my ups and downs, regret, hope, growth, and an attempt at owning some of this. We’re chasing an ever-changing frontier of longing. The moment we think we have it figured out, the rug gets pulled out from under us.” We spent a “Summer With You” with Kyle back in 2017, and we’re excited to continue further down these “Paths.” Featured image courtesy of Impulse Artists.