The Sheila Divine soundtrack a new parade to the polls on ‘Melancholy, MA’

Photo Credit Bart Steenhaut


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Now that Halloween is entrenched in the rearview, the next scary-ass day on the calendar is November 6, Election Day. You already know how to vote, but now you have something to listen to while you head to the polls — a new politically-charged track from an inspired The Sheila Divine called “Melancholy, MA.”


“Being in a liberal bubble like Massachusetts it’s hard to understand how we went from Obama to Trump in such a short amount of time,” says singer/guitarist Aaron Perrino. “I think we are suffering from political PTSD from the onslaught of racist policies and nationalistic authoritarian power we are witnessing.”

These poignant lyrics from “Melancholy, MA” jump out in particular:

“These liberal tears in our Fenway beers
As we drink like a judge
Check the mental health of the commonwealth
Because we’re holding a grudge
On the T in misery with broken brains
Come November it’s them or us, something’s gotta change.”


That’s some good shit right there.

The beloved Boston band is gearing up for a busy 2019, which starts with a January 4 show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, carries on with an April tour of Europe, and delivers not only the 20th anniversary of debut album New Parade, but a new Sheila Divine LP as well.

“I’ve thought a lot about what made New Parade such a special record for people,” Perrino adds. “It captured that defining moment in our lives when everything was there in front of you, and felt possible. This new record to me is another pivotal snapshot looking back at my past mistakes, new found passions, with the backdrop of our current American nightmare.”

Featured image by Bart Steenhaut.