Maria Somerville casts a striking debut with 'Eyes Don’t Say It'


We’ll get this out of the way right off the top: Maria Somerville is not from Somerville, the Massachusetts city. In fact, she hails from Ireland’s west coast, a landscape that helps inspire the sounds set forth on her debut single, the strikingly tender and hauntingly atmospheric “Eyes Don’t Say It”. Folk and lo-fi synths stir a cauldron of ambience, and this track sets more than just a mood — it sets a tone for Somerville’s forthcoming EP, where pieces of her homeland will be filtered through her musical lens. “I never set out to write with the intention of place but it’s naturally always there and has informed the work,” Somerville tells Clash Music. “It allows me to arrive at the truth in the writing process which is always the ultimate goal I guess. It’s definitely a foundation to come back to even when I’m not there physically. As well as the landscapes it’s the people there. Its untouched. An open and peaceful mind is innate. There’s so much folklore and traditions, song and storytelling.” Get lost in “Eyes Don’t Say It” below, and gaze longingly at her upcoming Euro tour dates. Featured image by Cáit Fahey.