Bonnie Li wants you to die on ‘I Want You To Die’


Never has the suggestion of death sounded so good. That’s because Bonnie Li offers up her wish for your untimely demise, via new single “I Want You To Die”, with such spooky seduction, it’s hard to not just shrug and give in to her macabre proposal. This isn’t a threat, per se, but a suggestion.

The China-raised, Berlin-based musician has described her pulsating electronic-pop track as “if The Ronettes were doing a jam with The Kills in a movie by David Lynch,” and that works for us. It’s also being hailed as a slight departure, musically, from the sound of Li’s forthcoming 2019 album Wǒ Men, which is a bummer because we’re really vibing on what’s heard here. But we’re not gonna say anything to her about it, because she already wants us dead.

Wǒ Men represents this quest to get my identity back,” Li says of the LP, “this feeling of being lost, of guilt, an anxiety attack permanently suppressed, this feeling of suffocating under strong and happy appearances. 10 different tracks as 10 different searches for oneself. It’s organic, dynamic and fragile, distorted as a mirror to my emotions and fears, sensitive and dark.”


Ok scratch that, this sounds all incredible. Just please grant us an extension of life.