MØ finds clarity in a land of uncertainty on ‘Blur’

In the future when folks ask us how we spent 2018, we’ll probably just say we spent the year charting the release of MØ’s album Forever Neverland. We’ve hyped to high heavens singles like “Way Down”, “Nostalgia”, and her Diplo collab “Sun In Our Eyes”, so now with Forever Neverland set for release this Friday (October 19) via Columbia Records, we might as well roll quatro with the latest from Karen Marie Ørsted. It’s called “Blur”, and MØ says she wrote it “while exhausted and jet lagged from months of traveling back and forth between continents, touring in Europe and writing in Los Angeles. We started writing the song and it almost felt therapeutic. ‘Blur’ is about feeling lost, and on a personal level I would be lying if I didn’t mention that this song, for me, was about feeling creatively and artistically lost in the city of all great opportunities, Los Angeles.” Find your own personal being with the track below, and check out pics from when MØ played The House of Blues back in January. It’s been the Year of MØ for us here at the VL. Featured image by Fryd Frydendah.