Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Suffer On Acid



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Studio 52 Spotlight: Suffer On Acid

What Studio 52 Says: Allston’s prominent slam/powerviolence/grindcore trio Suffer On Acid are a fountain of rapid-fire chaos that hasn’t been shut off since it starting spouting exasperation and blast beats seven years ago. Their debut album 2011 is a dominantly up-tempo monument of hatred that quickly earned them a well deserved local following along with local clout. The summer of 2013 brought that new found following the eagerly awaited sophomore album Wit’s End, which stayed allegiant to Suffer On Acid’s character blowing past listeners with deafening force at breakneck speed; the majority of its 12 boisterous songs sit somewhere around one minute in length.

After releasing Ride the Light in 2014 they kept fans waiting four years for another release (sans 2015 single “Mind for Mind” which appeared on a split with Sawchuk) but the highly anticipated full length did not disappoint.July’s Spiral of Silence is their tightest, clearest, fullest, and most dynamic release to date. With songs starting to grow longer they began toggling between their signature recklessly rapid pace and some slower, chunkier parts guaranteed turn a sea of headbanging metalheads sipping PBR into a pit any sane person doesn’t want to be on the edge of.

In an effort to branch out and get more east coast cities as riled up and hyped on Suffer On Acid as Boston has been, they hit the road following the release of Spiral of Silence for a five-day run as emphatic, vigorous and concise as their studio albums. Attending a Suffer on Acid show is somewhat of an auditory anomaly, it’s hard to wrap your head around a trio being able to fill so much sonic space for the entirety of their set.

Come see and hear for yourself, get soaked in beer and try to avoid running into one of those poles at O’Brien’s Pub this Wednesday (October 10). Suffer On Acid is on after the ever illusive Gog as direct support for Vaulted, who headline the night for the vinyl release of their album Distaste. This show is the perfect excuse to make your liver a little weaker, your tinnitus a little stronger, and your vinyl collection a little more thicc.— Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

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