Young Rising Sons understand you may be ‘Sad’, so let’s all clap hands about it


Look we know you’re sad. We’re sad, too. And that’s on a good day, because on bad days we’re downright fucking miserable. Young Rising Sons understand this all too well, and this week have unleashed an infectious little indie-pop ditty called “SAD (Clap Your Hands)”, and it might have just enough self-awareness and sarcasm to help you get through the week. “It’s okay to be human and feel feelings,” The Jersey band assure us. “It’s okay to have bad days or bad months and sometimes those days are not simple or easily fixed. We can’t always just ‘shut up and be happy’”. Word to that. Young Rising Sons have shared stages with the likes of Halsey, The 1975, and The Neighbourhood, and this latest single wouldn’t seem out of place on a playlist with those modern-pop titans. Their “If You’re Sad” tour kicks off October 10 in Brooklyn, and wraps October 22 at Great Scott in Allston. Clap your hands if you’re going. And then again after they play this tune.