Peakes explore personal introspection and dependency on ‘Still Life’

We like to brag that we know everything about everyone, but we’re gonna admit right off the bat here that before today we knew very little about Peakes. The Leeds-based electronic-pop trio on Friday (September 28) released a new track called “Still Life”, and the rather haunting alt-pop number was quick to capture both our attention and imagination. Vocalist Molly Puckering says the song is “about the moments when you become so introverted you exist in your own universe. When you isolate yourself from the rest of the world and become dependent on your own company.” That anecdote furthers the atmospheric enchantment of “Still Life,” a song that takes these themes of mental solidarity and surrounds it was a brand of musical minimalism that seems acutely aware of the spaces it fills. The song’s deliberating pacing allows for proper introspection, which is slightly ironic given that we’re now exploring the previous sounds and efforts of this intriguing trio. Get lost in the hazy clarity of “Still Life” below. Featured image courtesy of Practise Music.