Yaeji delivers ‘One More’, knowing we’ll come back over and over and over


Back in 2016, Yaeji released her cover of Mall Grab’s “Guap”, and it remained one of the more hypnotic pieces of music we’ve ever heard. Sometimes late at night, we’ll pull up YouTube and watch that video and Yaeji’s 2017 clip for “Drink I’m Sippin On” on repeat until our red eyes glaze over and we drift off to sleep. It’s otherworldly.

Now, the Brooklyn-based Korean-American electronic music artist is set to play a sold-out Paradise Rock Club on November 3, and to set the mood entirely her own, Yaeji has dropped for a new track called “One More”. It’s another intriguing blend of house music and pop marked by Yaeji’s distinguishable style and delivery.

“I started writing this track while experiencing deep growing pains,” Yaeji says in an online post yesterday. “I felt lost in my life’s quick change of pace, and was betrayed by someone I trusted. I needed to write this song to understand what was happening around me. Throughout the next few months, I kept revisiting the track, adding and taking away bits, changing the synth completely, rewriting a part of the lyrics — it was a constantly changing piece that documented the process of my transformation. Listening to the earliest version of the song through its evolution, I remembered the times I was confused or angry, processed those feelings, understood my pains, and finally felt like I gained a bit of control over it all. ‘One More’ is about enduring and coming to terms with pain until you have the strength to forgive and move on.”

Word to that. And until we get there, there’s always late night YouTube viewing.

Featured image by Micaiah Carter.