King Krule is out here alone in the streets of ‘Biscuit Town’


We mentioned it nearly a year ago when we ran a photo gallery on his October show at The Paradise, but there’s a certain timelessness to the music of King Krule, a vibe that makes us feel like Archy Marshall has been in our network of friends for ages. Now he’s back with a cc Wade-directed visual for “Biscuit Town,” and a network of friends might be what Marshall needs here the most. The clip finds him in a city by his lonesome, traversing across a dystopian land while he drops heavy bars in his unmistakable delivery. “I think it’s interesting because there is a level where you’ve got to match the song,” Marshall tells WeTransfer. “There’s quite a hi-fi sound in it, in the actual track. There’s a really hi-fi synth line that goes throughout it, that string, and I think that matches with the camera quality.” “Biscuit Town” opens King Krule’s most recent album, last year’s The Ooz. It’s still setting moods.