NAVVI sing to their soft and sharp edges on ‘Sampaguita’


Every motherfucker making music these days is riding a suddenly trendy wave of synth, but NAVVI continue to stay ahead of the game while not really paying much attention to trends and fads. The Seattle duo of producer Brad Boettger and vocalist Kristin Henry caught our attention a few years back via an arsenal of sophisticated beats and calculated synths on 2016 debut LP Omni, and now prepare to explore deeper modern electronic-pop depths with the appropriately-titled ULTRA. That’s due September 28 via Hush Hush Records, and another teaser arrives this week in the form of “Sampaguita”, a sleek slow-burner that vibes like the soundtrack to a pivotal scene in an indie drama. “It’s celebrating every version of myself,” says Henry. “The versions that have already existed and passed, the versions that currently exist, and also the versions that have yet to exist. I’m celebrating the entire spectrum of me and taking pride in my experiences… as a woman, as a late bloomer. I am singing it to my highest self that I have yet to meet. I’m singing to my soft edges, and I’m singing to my sharp edges. I wanted this song to be a celebration of it all.” Properly absorb all the emotive confidence of “Sampaguita” below. Featured image by @wetnegatives.