The Runouts offer up a late-summer punk sparkplug in ‘Straw Man’


On Friday, we got our “Bohemian Rhapsody” on. Now we’re flipping the script and blasting out into the workweek with Bohemian Catastrophe.

That’s the title of the forthcoming new self-released sophomore LP from Boston punk band The Runouts, who today (August 27) offer up a late-summer sparkplug in the form of “Straw Man,” a melodic burst of guitar-rock that’s bound to lyrically speak to a certain segment of the population.

“‘Straw Man’ is about being at the age where you’re wedged in between the cynicism of Gen X and the sometimes callow enthusiasm of the Millennial Generation,” Runouts frontman Nolan Hill tells Vanyaland. “It’s an ode to ‘The Waiting Room’ by Fugazi, trying to convey a similar message. Which would be, get off your phone & do something real if you genuinely want to make a difference for yourself & others.”


We’re feeling that.

Bohemian Catastrophe hits the streets on October 1, and the record release goes down October 18 at The Middle East in Cambridge, when The Runouts take the stage with Swingin’ Utters and Gallows Bound. They’ll also be playing Roslindale Porch Fest on September 15. Call your buddy the Xennial and find a place in this shittastic world.