Olivia Grace does everything but play ‘Safe’ on enchanting new single


In their premiere yesterday of Olivia Grace’s new single “Safe”, Ones To Watch called the Los Angeles singer “reminiscent of a younger, more relatable Lana Del Rey.” At first we were like “Ok, slowwww down, OTW.” But then we gave the seductively hazy “Safe” a few spins, and are starting to see the comparison. Grace’s latest picks off right where Ultraviolence left off, and we are here for it. “I wrote ‘Safe’ while falling in love in a past relationship,” Grace says. “At the time, it was thrilling and beautiful. There were so many new adventures. ‘Safe’ is a really vulnerable, intimate song for me. It’s about a lot of different things — various stories woven together — but letting go and trusting the moment is a prominent theme throughout the song.” We are enraptured by this one, and can’t wait to hear more from the rising 22-year-old performer. But before we get ahead of ourselves, absorb “Safe” in all its woven pop melancholy below. Repeated listens necessary.