Ladytron return to ‘The Island’ of their electronic-pop origins


The world is a better place with Ladytron in it, and return of the pioneering electronic-pop group from Liverpool was a pleasant surprise back in March. We were treated to a new single in “Animals,” their first in seven years, and a Pledge campaign behind a new LP, the long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s Gravity the Seducer.

This week they’re back with another new track, a lush, almost-chillwave jam called “The Island.” The hazy jam can be heard now via YouTube.

“We’ve been away for so long; it’s been like seven years or eight years,” vocalist and songwriter Helen Marnie tells Paper. “[So] I wanted to write something that wouldn’t scare people away, but also leaned on what Ladytron was good at and how we were before, but maybe introducing something a little bit different. I think ‘The Island’ harks back to earlier Ladytron when we first started, right about 2002, 2003. I wanted it to be a bit more pop, but not pop in that cheesy sense of the word. That’s why we’ve got high synths, arpeggiated synths, and things like that.”


Transporting back 15 years or so sounds awfully good to us. We’d do a few things differently, of course, but we’d still be listening to Ladytron.

Our brand new single 'The Island'. Cover art by our very own @itsreuben. Premiere at PAPER: Link in bio.


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