Arthur Moon suggests you ‘Wait a Minute’ and watch this dreamy video


When you can croon like Arthur Moon, making a statement becomes both a soft and sentimental art form. Born Lora-Faye Åshuvud, the Brooklyn-based avant-pop artist and composer fashions together boundary-pushing ditties with a musical expertise that somehow doesn’t include reading music.

Inspired by “New York… its traditions of resistance… its histories of darkness and violence,” Åshuvud’s new song “Wait a Minute” falls into her otherworldly repertoire perfectly. Strip “Wait a Minute” of its music video and the track comes off as lofty and experimental. Add in the accompanying vid and suddenly it feels like a MOMA exhibit.

The video rolls Dyke March found-footage visuals alongside old clips from the days of the nuclear family, mixing an otherwise incendiary topic with retro aesthetics and an even more unlikely moody musical backdrop. Ultimately, the amalgamation pays homage to the complexity of her New York City roots.


“The chorus describes a moment of finally arriving at the East River at the end of the walk with the narrator feeling this heavy sense of legacy—the inherited legacy of the folks of this city who fought so hard to make this a safer place for a young queer person,” Åshuvud explains, “and also the violent, intersecting legacies of racism, gentrification, and greed that I’m personally always reckoning with as a white person who was raised in (and continues to live in) Brooklyn.”

Drink in all the visuals below.

Featured image via Arthur Moon’s Bandcamp.