Petrie hang on to carefree summer vibes with ‘June’


We’re always so quick to declare certain jams the undisputed Song of the Summer, but unless we’re talking about, like, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime,” usually these declarations are based solely on a song’s vibe and not lyrical content.

British duo Petrie seem to have a knack not only for sun-kissed melodies, but also hanging a lyrical hook on the year’s most carefree season as well. Today (August 3) they drop onto our playlists with “June”, a new collab with JESS that glides on alt-R&B and electronic-pop cruise control as they offer up: “Everyone around us tells us that we’re through/But I’m in love with June and spending it with you/And although we could cruise all through July/The sun could turn us blind.”

Looks like we’ll be spending August with the boys as well, which places this right in our #SOTD wheelhouse.


“This is a song for when neither you nor your lover wants to admit the relationship is deteriorating, simply because you want to enjoy a gorgeous summer,” the duo state. “No amount of factor 50 is gonna save you from the sun’s deceptively malevolent glare.”

This is some relatable content. Fire up “June” en route to your beach of choice, and chill with Petri live and in the suntanned flesh when they play London’s The Waiting Room on September 20.