Minke offers hope for human connection on the soulful ‘Maybe 25’


Wherever you are right now, take a look around. If there’s someone in your panoramic sightline, chances are he, she, and/or they are looking at some sort of screen, whether it be a phone or laptop or device. Minke sees this all around us as well, as today (July 20) the rising British singer (her name rhymes with “link”) returns with “Maybe 25”, a soulful number that questions the grip technology has on our lives.

“It was originally inspired by my fleeting past experiences with online dating,” Minke says of the track. “As I started to write, it became less and less about that and more a general observation on connection. We’ve never been more connected but disconnected at the same time. It’s made us more insular, less open to having a conversation with a stranger and maintaining eye contact for more than a second without looking at your phone. So it’s about longing for something more than that, whatever that is. Something real in a seemingly disposable world. Questioning if that’s still possible. Questioning if it’s got the better of you, too.”

It’s this kind of human observation that we all desperately need to personally assess.

Minke is preparing a new EP that should be ready for digestion later this fall, and there’s word of a North American tour in the plans, as well. Maybe at these shows, if only just for “Maybe 25,” we’ll put down our devices and enjoy the performance — and the basic company of others.

Featured image via High Rise PR.