Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: ILL DOOTS



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Studio 52 Spotlight: ILL DOOTS

What Studio 52 Says: This week we’re venturing about 300 miles outside of the Boston music scene because Philadelphia-based funk, soul, hip-hop, and R&B collective ILL DOOTS are far too dank to overlook. Formed in 2009 in the midst of a jam session, ILL DOOTS have since expanded beyond just the band; they’ve declared they’re “a collective of artists, educators, and activists” and their primary main objective is clear — they’re “on a lifelong mission to change the way our communities respond to and value music, art, and life.”

In 2014 they launched the “I Love Learning” initiative (I.L.L., get it?), which include work shops ILL DOOTS host in their hometown of Philly and in other cities along their tour routes. These work shops spread the love of life and art across all mediums to entire communities, and are completely free to attend. They have also composed original music for two live theater productions, one of which won the Barrymore Award for Best Original Music. They have a backlog of recorded music you can download for a donation amount of your choosing on their website, and they really lay down the funked up soul on their latest single “Sheep.”

Thought provoking and relevant, the chorus repeatedly states “I feel like a sheep being led by technology” and the song as a whole encourages listeners to put the phone down and check out whats happening outside the world of social media; which, if you can white knuckle it through the initial anxiety attack, is actually quite tranquil. “Sheep” has got an old school funk and soul vibe with dashes of more modern hip-hop and R&B flavor, which sounds like Andre 3000 and Flea decided to make a song together and have George Clinton produce it — if that bass line doesn’t make you move, you’re a crazy person.

Needless to say this banger of a single has us thrilled for the release of their self titled LP which drops on July 27. Boston funk and soul fans get a sample of what’s on the horizon about a week before the album hits. They’ll be laying down the groove at The Middle East Downstairs this Thursday (July 19) with Miss Fairchild, The Squires of Soul, and Soular Eclipse; and making Somerville’s Aeronaut Brewery get out of their seats and shake it the following night, July 20. Get out to one (or both!) of these shows and experience one of Philly’s most in-the-pocket, unique, groovy, and enrapturing acts! — Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

Featured ILL DOOTS photo by Jacob Brewer.

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