MØ details new LP ‘Forever Neverland’ and drops Diplo collab


A million years ago (2014, to be exact), dropped her debut album No Mythologies To Follow, and what actually followed was a whirlwind of collaborations, tours, and a continuous ascension for the Danish alt-pop luminary. Today (July 12), that one certain Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen hits a new level with Diplo collab “Sun In Our Eyes,” a summer-fling pop jammer that has us in a beach-bound state of mind.

“Diplo and I are long time collaborators now,” says MØ. “One of the many reasons I love working with him is because I always feel like it’s a free and creative process and I always like the end product. We both loved ‘Sun In Our Eyes’ from the beginning and what makes it special to me is that it’s a combination of the two ingredients I’m always craving in music: Uplifting and melancholy vibes.” Sayeth Sir Dip: “MØ and I have some special chemistry in the studio. Whenever we work together we always write three or four songs in a day, and every time we get better. I think ‘Sun In Our Eyes’ is the best song we’ve ever written together.”

It sets a bold tone for MØ’s new sophomore album, which she has detailed in companion to the single. Her upcoming LP will be called Forever Neverland, and it hits October 19 on Columbia Records.

MØ says the single is “about imaginary love and living in a bubble, which are also subjects of the album. This song feels like a coming together of everything Diplo and I have done so far, but also a new beginning—fitting with a new album.”

We can’t wait to hear the rest of it.

Featured image by Jack Bridgland.