We Are Not Trump group releases new comp to benefit RAICES



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Now that the firework smoke has cleared and the July 4 holiday shenanigans are over, we’re all back to the grim reality that clouds our American lives. And it’s only Thursday.


But there is still hope, and another form of band-together resistance from the people of #WANT (We Are Not Trump) arrived on Independence Day. It’s the third and latest benefit compilation from the New England organization, it’s dubbed Together, and all money raised from it and various pieces of merchandise (stickers, t-shirts, homemade cross stitches) will be donated to RAICES (the Refugee And Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

This third and latest #WANT comp follows a January 2017 release that benefitted the ACLU and a February 2017 issue that raised coin for Planned Parenthood. It features 24 songs and can be downloaded or streamed below and via Bandcamp.

“There have been some terrible events over the past year and a half, but when even the Republicans are switching parties and vocally opposing this you know we’ve hit a new low,” one of the #WANT organizers tells Vanyaland. “It’s not our finest hour as a people. The least we can do is let the record show that some of us have not lost our minds.”


The compilation features tracks from AVOXBLUE, Vary Lumar, Psychic Dog, Downcity Armory, and others. It’s available for a price of the listener’s choosing. “As humans, let’s try to do some good for fellow humans,” declared #WANT’s message in asking for submissions for the comp. “This administration’s policies are not America. We are America.”