The Millennial Club are out here sailing the seas of cool to ‘Santa Barbara’

The big news around these parts yesterday was the return of the Yacht Rock station on Sirius XM, welcoming us to summer and reminding us just how motherfucking fire Christopher Cross was back in the early ’80s. But before we even have a chance to cycle through all the station’s chillest of jams, Orange County’s The Millennial Club are quick to remind us that we don’t need to rely on vintage throwbacks to roll smooth out on the high seas of life.

Today (June 23) the dudes are back with “Santa Barbara”, a provocative joint that adds a modern polish on inspired sounds that call back to stylized ’80s pop, ’90s R&B, and the long-gone days of youth, when cares and concerns drifted away by noon. And lyrically, The Millennial Club vocalist Andres Owens keeps it pure, and approach appreciated in any era.

“Ultimately, it’s one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written because the lyrics are literally verbatim of how I felt about two different people, and about myself,” Owens says. “Writing about things that are real — in my opinion — always provides the best product. You can’t fake it; it’s your life, unfiltered.”

“Santa Barbara” sets a new mood for The Millennial Club as they prep their debut EP, She’s So Insane, which is expected to drop later this summer. May the good times never end.