Michael Christmas is the hip-hop ‘Role Model’ we need



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Any New Music Friday round-up wouldn’t be complete without Role Model, the Fool’s Gold debut from Michael Christmas. As the dude rises through the ranks from talented local hotshot to charismatic national treasure, he’s assured to never lose his voice. Over Role Model’s 15 tracks, the Boston MC links up with Cousin Stizz, meltycanon, Thelonious Martin, Domo Genesis, and others, but another layer to the record’s soul was revealed this week on Instagram, where Christmas shouts-out his father. “I’ve never wanted to be anyone more than I wanted to be like my dad,” he writes. “He’s the coolest guy in every room. My aunts boyfriends used to come over to play madden with him, completely ignoring my aunts lmao. He’s my biggest role model in the world. He’s a piece of shit superhero. He’s an uneducated genius. I’ve never seen anyone make people fall in love with their character the way my dad always has. I’ve always tried to be that. He’s me but better looking without the awkwardness and constant discomfort in the real world lol. #RoleModel tonight!!! Who’s yours?” Pretty soon, people’s answer to that question will be “Michael Christmas.” Featured image by Aidan Cullen via Fool’s Gold.