Off Bloom are back and sorry but they are ‘Not Sorry’

It’s a humid Monday morning here in Boston, and while everyone else is ramping up their “jump-off” posts, we’re gonna ease into the dreaded workweek with a careful and calculated ballad from Off Bloom. The Anglo-Danish trio have been crafting their own genre-spanning blend of alt-pop for a while now, but this new single gets the group back to basics on a song that, lyrically, gives us all the #MondayMotivation we need. “’Not Sorry’ is about honesty between friends and being true to yourself and your beliefs,” Off Bloom reveal in a joint statement. “It’s important to be honest to those close to you and call them out on their bullshit, and not be sorry about it! We decided to just strip everything down and write to a simple piano part we wrote on the spot. After a few hours the song was done and had really captured the rawness of what we felt. In that way this song also feels very personal and close to our hearts.” The retro-hued video adds to that effect, shot on 8mm film by Portuguese director João de Botelho. Watch it, and wade gently into what lies ahead. Featured image via High Rise PR.