Horse Feathers unlock a new kind of ‘Appreciation’


After a dozen years of being a band, Oregon’s Horse Feathers are here to show their followers of a decade-plus some Appreciation. The group released their sixth album last month, indulging themselves in their treasured neofolk twang with an added dash of — gasp — pop sensibilities. But that’s how frontman Justin Single wants the band’s tunes at this point in the game. “It just felt like a fresh take on how my songs can come across,” Ringle says. “With this incarnation, it’s okay if what I’m doing right now is in fact kind of a pop song. I can have a chorus and repeat something. I’m more aware of that and enjoy it.” The refreshed Oregon ensemble rolls into The Sinclair with Twain tonight (June 8). Get pumped ahead of time with a renewed Appreciation below. Featured photo by John Clark.