Lhasa Petik makes a sweet #tbt on debut single ‘Fading’


For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, Lhasa Petik is rewinding to when she casually wrote a song on the guitar for the first time in 30 minutes. Classically trained in violin, Petik picked up a guitar and some antsy late-night scribbles four years ago to channel all her feels on friends moving away and general teenage existentialism. The result is “Fading,” her pop-R&B hybrid and debut single. What makes the tune a particularly sweet TBT is that she penned it in part about her then-schoolgirl crush, who in 2018 is her current boyfriend/producer. “Written in 2014, ‘Fading’ was one of the first of many songs to be carelessly spewed onto paper in the midnight hours of my grade 9 year,” Petik explains. “It was an environment where I could forget about my 11 years of classical training, and focus solely on feeling the music. I found a sort of freedom in being able to tinker around on the guitar, which I had no previous experience on, and come out of my room after 30 minutes or less with a finished song. It feels as though I have come full circle, from questioning whether I would ever find a partner, to embarking on an incredibly exciting journey with the exact person I was longing for in grade 9.” Sometimes life doesn’t suck. Tune in below.