Dionysia toss ambition skyward on graduation anthem ‘High Scores’


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There are many debates around Boston as to when summer actually begins. Some say it’s in late June, when Allston develops a certain smell and the Red Sox start reeling off W’s. Others say it’s Memorial Day weekend, with its festivals and BBQs and a green light to drive down Storrow with the windows down. The real answer is the day after your closest university holds its graduation; as the students wrap up their hard-earned education and head home — to Ohio, to Seattle, to Stoughton — the city opens up, loosens up, and livens up.

But those graduations and all their mortar tossing are not just a pivot-point for our seasons, they’re also a game changer for the thousands of students closing one chapter of their lives and opening another. For Boston-based, Vermont-born alt-rock band Dionysia, their new single “High Scores” reflects this significant sensation, and centers on that feeling of limbo one experiences when getting read to hear their school’s president read off his or her name. And with three of their four members just graduating from Wentworth this past year, they know a thing or two about gown-rock.

“I think a lot of people know what they want to do, but not where to start,” says Dionysia vocalist, keyboardist and saxophonist Julien Vandal. “Graduating from college is a huge achievement, but sometimes it leaves you with more questions than answers. If anything, I believe this video shows how good it feels to realize it was all worth it.”

The video was shot around downtown Portsmouth (we see you, Le Roux Kitchen) with its graduation scene filmed at Prescott Park. It also reflects the is the first song Dionysia have released in almost two years, so the scheduling aligns with the graduation theme of chapters ending and beginning. “High Scores” is the first in a series of new tunes the band expects to roll out throughout the year, and will show them off live and on stage at Great Scott in Allston on June 29.

That will certainly be a party fit for summer.