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Dark Matter are here, running through life like a ‘Misfit’



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

It takes roughly 16 seconds for Dark Matter’s new single “Misfit” to get up in your face. And it’ll take exponentially longer for that instant hook to get out of your head.


The confrontational track from the Brockton-based breakdancing, rapping, and singing duo of Destiny Claymore and Mad S. arrived this week, setting the tone for their upcoming LP The Beast & The Room, out June 10, and a string of six dates this summer on Warped Tour. Among those Warped dates, all on the indie hip-hop Transform Stage, is a slot July 27 at XFinity Center in Mansfield.

Warped knows a thing or two about misfits, and so do Dark Matter. But here they’re flipping the script in the name of empowerment.

“[It’s] about taking an painful situation and flipping it to one’s benefit,” Claymore tells Vanyaland. “Alot of people nowadays are dealing with trauma, abuse, or mental illness but are unsure what to do with the strength that the struggle gas given them. The only thing to do is push forward, even if that means doing it alone. This basically fits with the over arching theme of the album. The title The Beast & The Room is a metaphor: The Room is a place people are only supposed to experience for a moment (sadness, pain, etc.), but The Beasts (rage, trauma, sorrow, illness) keeps people trapped within those feelings.”


Join in below, and check all Dark Matter’s summer Warped dates after the video jump.