Youngblood make their synths shiver on ‘Better When You’re Close’


When it came time for Youngblood to make a song about the debilitating psychological side effects of love, they chose to ensure that it was irresistibly dance-y. Their rationale? “Why not.” Shot on 16mm film, the Vancouver band’s new video for “Better When You’re Close” vibrates with Madonna-era synths and lush beats that almost drown out the overall lovelorn desperation of the track. Almost. “[It’s] about romantic obsession to the point of possession — where you feel like your entire body and mind have been involuntarily taken over by the mere proximity of another person and you’ve lost your sense of self,” explains singer Alexis Young. “It’s about coming to terms with the realities of putting love and lust on a pedestal, and just how quickly a person can become consumed by infatuation of the highest degree. Crippling, consuming, and it also has a sweet bass line that you can dance to, because why not.” Peep the track and video below before the group drops their EP Fantasy Love in July. Featured photo by Lauren Zbarsky.