Half Waif reveal some velvety chamber-pop on debut album ‘Lavender’


When it comes to penning a classic NYC tale, the bubblegum singers have it easy. With the hotspot’s penchant for pulsing non-stop, tossing a couple of uptempo beats on lovelorn lines about life in the fast line makes for an easy bop. The balladeers of the word have things a little harder — especially the chamber pop ones like Half Waif. Nandi Rose Plunkett’s project drops its velvety debut album Lavender today (April 27), featuring the delicate, piano-driven wallow “Back In Brooklyn.” Half Waif might have a fraction her name, but nothing about her pensive, experimental and sobering melodrama is half-assed. How this will translate into Great Scott tomorrow night (April 28) with Hovvdy we know not, but we’re excited to find out. Featured photo by Tonje Thilesen.