Coralcrown explore our guitar-pop fantasies on ‘She Is A Saint’


We’re not terribly nostalgic for the 2000s as a whole, but there was a bit of guitar-pop swagger that seems to be missing in these days of uber-polished, over-produced pop music. London-based Coralcrown is taking us back a bit to those times with a slashing, upbeat strut of a tune called “She Is A Saint,” an infectious nugget of confident pop that finds its traces grooving back to both the garage rock revival of the past decade and the slick funk of ’80s R&B. “There is a highly voyeuristic character in the lyrics,” Coralcrown chief architect Luis Gotor says, “and we wanted to mix that in particular with the actual realization of his fantasies onscreen.” The result is something of a paradox; a song that’s oddly warm in its familiarity but new and inviting all the same. Get lost in the streets via the video below, directed by Jorge Mayorga and Arturo Fuente, and embrace one of the finer tracks cozying up to speakersaround the globe this spring.

If you dig hard on “She Is A Saint,” go deeper into the growing Coralcrown mystique with the Birth EP in full via Spotify below.