Corey Feldman says he was stabbed in ‘attempted homicide’

Anyone who reads this site knows we’re pretty big fans of Corey Feldman, giving a fair bit of coverage to his controversial live appearance last summer at the Whiskey Barrel in Haverhill. So we’re understandably bummed to relay news that the former child actor and “Ascension Millennium” singer says he was viciously attacked last night in Los Angeles.

Posting to Twitter early Wednesday morning (March 28), Feldman says he was stabbed in what he’s calling an “attempted homicide.” He shared photos of himself receiving care in a LA hospital, which you can see below.

“A man opened my car door & stabbed me w something!” Feldman tweeted. “Please say prayers 4 us! thank god it was only myself & my security in the car, when 3 men approached! While security was distracted, w a guy a car pulled up & attacked! I’m ok!”

He adds that LAPD are “currently investigating the case as an attempted homicide! I have had mounting threats on all [social media] platforms by this vile “wolfpack” & this im sure is a result of those negative actions! I have reason 2 believe its all connected! Enough is enough! How sick r these ppl?!?”

Damn. Whatever is going on here, we hope he recovers.