Violet Days summon an emotional alt-pop haze on ‘Somber’

Where most love songs fall at one end of the devotional spectrum or the other — that is, professing pure infatuation or bemoaning post-breakup-bitterness — Swedish duo Violet Days find themselves firmly planted in the middle with their new track “Somber.”

The song and music video, which dropped today (March 9), ropes in help from morgxn for an iced-out dance-pop anthem, a reflection of Violet Days’ past songwriting creds and collabs (they penned The Chainsmokers’ smash “Paris”, and teamed up to write with DJs CASH CASH).

This new jam “is about being indecisive about love, knowing something is right one second, and the next doubting the whole thing,” the group says. “It’s a heartbreaking moment where you know you want and need someone so bad that maybe it’s not worth risking your independence for it.”

The accompanying bright-lights neon video pushes their emotional limit with strung-out choreography and a storyline that’s loosely influenced by retro Swedish comics — a theme that will continue in the pair’s EP, release date TBA.

“The vision for the video comes from the cover art — we wanted the story in the cover art to be told in the video,” Violet Days tell Vanyaland. “We found inspiration in a ’60s Swedish comic book, there’s two characters that we fell in love with and they had the right vibe for our whole vision. This will also be continued in the forthcoming material of the upcoming EP, so the story will be continued.”