Love Strangers wrangle up a sweet fuzzy kiss on ‘Pillowtalk’



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Ryan Major’s in love, and we’re all reaping the benefits. The former Barbazon now fronts a relatively new outfit called Love Strangers, and today (March 7) they wrangle up a sweet fuzzy kiss via new track “Pillowtalk.” Hear it below as Major details the cool relief behind it. “I was hoping to subvert the old swinging dick ’60s frat rock vibe into what I think is actually a very sweet song about waking up with the person you’re in love with,” he says. “It sounds kind of frantic, but it’s very genuine.” With this Love Strangers joint, Major has enlisted the musical aid of two former New Highway Hymnal dudes, Travis Hagen (drums) and Luke Goudreault (guitars), as well as Ashley Holzwasser on vocals and a pair of Texan gents in guitarist Scott Jones and bassist Rob Sutherland. Ian Doerr added guitars and percussion, and it all adds up to one stirring cocktail of jangly love. “Pillowtalk” is said to be included on KLYAM’s new eight-song cassette comp, Lonesome Friendly, due this May, so be sure to keep eyes wide and ears peeled for that.