Fast Tracked: Whether you like it or not, Daphne & Celeste are back


Back in the long-gone late-’90s, New Jersey duo Daphne & Celeste were known for two things, mostly: Their bubblegum-pop singles “Ooh Stick You” and “U.G.L.Y.”, and getting bottled on stage at Reading festival. It was a cruel fate, because Celeste Cruz and Karen DiConcetto did give us some catchy-ass songs. The pair returned in 2015 with a new single, though few seemed to notice, and today (February 7) hit the digital pavement once again with “BB”, a taster from upcoming Max Tundra-produced album, Daphne & Celeste Save The World. The LP drops March 30. “BB stands for Basic Busker, any one of countless identikit instigators of mundane melodies that have brought the mood down in recent years,” says Tundra in a press release. “Pop music should lift the spirits — so why are the airwaves full of these mundane strummers?” We dunno, dude, we dunno. Featured image via Facebook.