Fast Tracked: Cloud Castle Lake provide art-rock escapism on ‘Twins’


The Patriots lost the Super Bowl. It happened, and we need to get over it. Usually in these times of desolation and desperation we turn to the cinema, hiding away in a dark theatre, eyes fixated on a screen depicting life beyond our miserable sports experience. Well, it’s early February, so all the movies playing out currently are rather terrible, so the only proper refuge we can seek the day after our own Philadelphia massacre resides in the cinematic sounds of Cloud Castle Lake. The Nabokov-named, Dublin-based art-rock band, who seem to draw inspiration from both pop music and film scores, play Great Scott in Allston tonight, and it’s as far away from any football memories the mind and body can possibly get. There’s an enchanting quality to Cloud Castle Lake’s ethereal sound, and they recently dropped a video for “Twins,” a sonically twisted tale that allows vocalist, synth player, and lyricist Daniel McAuley’s yearning falsetto to float among the almost jazz-like composition. In the Stereogum premiere, the band says they “wanted to capture the same mood and feel of dream sequences in ’50s/’60s European films. We found that, in a kind of counter-intuitive way, it really suited the music and gave a new dimension to the lyrics.” Watch it below, and find one of Great Scott’s many dark corners tonight to forget the past and drown in the present. Featured image via CCL’s Facebook page.