Top 8: Let’s all friend request Field Mouse’s new Myspace-inspired website


These days, it’s hard to stand out on social media. But back in the long-lost 2000s, all you needed was a pimped-out Myspace page complete with carefully-selected Top 8 (sorry Tom), a killer quote up top describing exactly who you are as a person, and a featured song by My Chemical Romance that played as soon as people hit up your page.

It was HTML heaven. A “New Messages” alert got us all worked up, you knew exactly the last time your crush logged on, and the “About Me” was a portal into your trucker hat-wearing, glitter graphic-loving, background image-curating soul.

We can all agree that it was a better time for all of us.


Field Mouse understand this.

So much so that the Philly/Brooklyn dream-pop band have redesigned their tumblr page to transport us right back to the mid-aughts, and the Myspace layout is pretty much perfect. And it has everything: Their 2016 LP Episodic embedded where the blog space once ruled, @fieldmousemusic as the comment section, and the “Upcoming Shows” and “About Me” blocks properly utilized. Their “friends” are their own band photos. We are obsessed.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how insane social media has become, and with that, its strange origins,” tweeted Field Mouse’s Rachel Browne. “I tinkered with some familiar old code and made our website into something you might feel more at home with: fieldmousemusic.com.


Of course, we spoiled the surprise, but we had to. We couldn’t hide this news in a “New Bulletin” only read by 16 people. Check the layout via the links above or screenshot below, and listen to Episodic while you remember the good ol’ days.

Featured Field Mouse image via their Myspace page.