Fast Tracked: Teenage Wrist channel a ’90s guitar daze on ‘Dweeb’


Slipping under the radar somewhat late last year was the Epitaph signing of Los Angeles-based Teenage Wrist. The lo-fi garage trio already had an EP under their belt, the six-song Dazed, which came out in 2015. It was a brilliant slice of ’90s sentimentality, something sorely lacking in these times of need, awash in languorous guitars and fuzzed out rock with a dash of shoegaze. The band is preparing to drop their debut LP, Chrome Neon Jesus, slated for March 9, and they’ve already delivered a couple of tracks like the Ride-meets-Catherine Wheel dazzler “Swallow” and the dreamy crunch of “Stoned, Alone”. Now, T-Wrist has given us “Dweeb,” with a barrelling bassline giving way to lyrics that would make Robert Smith weep with pride. “Too dumb, too small/To feel, the fall/Do you recall when she was beautiful?/I don’t, not at all,” goes one verse, and from there, you can color us mesmerized. Featured photo courtesy of Epitaph.