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Can You Handle It?: Axe-throwing bars and venues are coming to Massachusetts


In an unexpected turn of events, the time to hone your apocalyptic skill set is nigh, and the newest trend cropping up in the Boston-area is… axe-throwing bars.

According to Eater Boston, not only is Somerville expecting the arrival of recreational axe-throwing hang-out spot Urban Axes, but Agawam, Everett, and Marlborough are also expecting similar facilities this year, sporting Agawam Axe House, Revolution Axe Throwing, and Half Axe, respectively.

And you thought playing darts in a bar was risky.


Megan Johnson of Bizbash first reported the summer 2018 opening of Somerville’s Urban Axes, noting that the maximum capacity will be 80 to 100 people. While the exact address of the facility is still TBA (rumored to be around or in the vicinity of Union Square) what we do know is that the space can be rented there for corporate outings, private parties, and other group events, so you can hurtle 1.5-pound hatchets at wooden targets with you and your best buds.

According to the Urban Axes website, all locations either serve beer and wine, or welcomes guests to bring their own, but do not permit hard alcohol. Which umbrella the Somerville location will fall under has not yet been announced.

Other Urban Axes locations include Philadelphia and Austin, while a Baltimore spot is also in the works.


Fellowing axe-throwing facilities all have different policies regarding food and drinks; Agawam Axe House guests are allowed to bring their own food and snacks, while Everett’s Revolution Axe Throwing is in the process of obtaining a beer and wine permit, and Half Axe in Marlborough will not serve food or drinks, but is located in the Apex Entertainment building, meaning a bar, bowling, and laser tag are a stone’s throw (axe throw?) away.

Only time will tell if Massachusetts can handle all this new, axe-wielding power, but at least it’ll put a new twist on company retreats. And give all our Juggalos a new place to hang.

Photos via Urban Axes on Facebook.