Fast Tracked: Get lost inside RIDE’s new single ‘Catch You Dreaming’


Last year delivered more new music from RIDE than anyone could have possibly hoped. In June the reformed shoegaze act delivered a sterling new LP in Weather Diaries, then surprised fans with an additional single, “Pulsar,” just before the year closed. Nine days into 2018, RIDE are back with a breathtaking new single called “Catch You Dreaming,” the first taste of their Tomorrow’s Shore EP, which hits February 16. Andy Bell says the track was intended to be included on Weather Diaries, but the band never captured a definitive version and decided to revisit it after the LP’s release. That’s a remarkable admission, because the elongated, ethereal, electronic-leaning track might be one of RIDE’s finest compositions. Bell also elaborates on its lyrical content, stating: “‘Catch You Dreaming’ is written from the perspective of being one of the last two people alive, watching as the universe is ending. The protagonist looks back over the time when humanity existed, realising that we as humans brought about our own inevitable demise. Then the couple look back over their own lives of shared memories and as they are sharing this moment, everything vaporises. It’s a love song about fate, nostalgia, and having no regrets.” Listen to two versions of the song below, a gorgeous extended cut via YouTube and a radio edit on Spotify. Featured RIDE image by Eddy Leiva for Vanyaland, from their July 2017 show at Royale in Boston.