Glitter In Our Eye: Listen to INHEAVEN’s dreamy cover of RIDE’s ‘Vapour Trail’

Covering “Vapour Trail” by RIDE is no easy task.

The shoegaze classic is so specific in its boundaries, its intentions, and its heights, so much so that a band needs to either reinvent it entirely or honor it exactly. Or so, we thought.

London’s INHEAVEN are the latest to have a go at “Vapour Trail” and do so by balancing both its traditions and a delicate breath of fresh air. The acoustic rendition, aided wholly by the dual male-female vocals and the necessary cello conclusion, closes out INHEAVEN’s new EP, simply titled Acoustic. It has a light, airy feel to it, easing up ever so slightly on RIDE’s trademark jangle, all while maintaining the original’s emotional depth. Sure, it’s hard to fuck up this song, but it’s also exciting when a new band filters it through their own musical lens.

“‪We have released our very own acoustic EP into the world,” the band writes. “It features some of our own and a cover of one of our favourite songs.”

Ours, too.

Listen to it below, and check INHEAVEN’s upcoming 2018 dates across the UK.