New Sounds: R.M. Hendrix pulls back the veil of pop agitation on ‘Can It Find Us Here?’



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R.M. Hendrix might be one of the most mysterious musicians in the Boston music scene. The Cambridge-based multi-instrumentalist and producer made a name for himself in the early part of the decade with a string of notable releases, which fell sonically somewhere in the fuzzed-out worlds of dream-pop and shoegaze, but a relative disinterest in playing live has kept his sounds limited to private, recorded listening.

Today (December 1), Hendrix is back with perhaps his most complex, yet self-assured, album to date, ironically conceived at a time of great uncertainty. Written and recorded on a personal map that connects Jerusalem to Woodstock, New York, his new LP Can It Find Us Here? is a startling record rooted in fears, paranoia, and cultural shock, an agit-pop reflection of the insane modern times he’s sought to avoid.

Musically, Hendrix pulls back the dense sounds of his prior works, and armed with his Rickenbacker, a vintage drum machine, a Moog synth, and Kaoss pad, has delved deep into the frantic world of jittery electronic pop and melancholic synthwave. While mid-LP track “I’m Sorry But I Missed Your Joke” shows off some guitar-fueled punch, songs like “Forest Bathing” and “That’s Where You Go Wrong” light a textured experimental pop fuse that glistens and glows with each passing blip and bleep.

“Making music keeps me sane, and it occasionally produces something I’m proud to share,” Hendrix writes. “And if you’ve been a fan, I hope you’ll stick with me through this change in sound. This time I wanted more immediacy to it all.

Can It Find Us Here? is can streamed on Spotify, and be purchased through Bandcamp. The record will be released on compact disc come December 15. Dive into it below.