New Sounds: Listen to Watts’ hip-shakin’ jam ‘All Done With Rock n Roll’



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Hey Cheap Trick, head’s up: Word on these digital streets is that Watts are “All Done With Rock n Roll”.


It’s a nice sentiment, to be sure, but not necessarily one we believe. So as the Boston band get set to hit the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom stage Friday night with the rock and roll legends, we find it ironic that this swear-off has actually shown us that rock and roll is alive and well.

And we suppose that’s the point.

Unmistakably, Watts’ new joint is a slashing, hip-shaking number that has us twirling in our office chairs, and we’re pretty sure every crowd they perform to from here on our will be chanting back the hooky refrain until their lungs give out. Howl at the stars with this jamming single below, and if you’re not headed up north across state lines to catch Watts by the beach, sit tight for December 2 when they jam The Midway Holiday Brawl alongside Diablogato, Duck & Cover, and A Bunch of Jerks.


Featured Watts photo by Jay Fortin.