New Sounds: It’s hard to ignore Jenna Lotti’s ‘Warning Signs’



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Jenna Lotti knows that sometimes, in life, there’s just no looking back.

That applies to both major life changes and soured relationships. For the former, it means the Boston pop singer-songwriter is packing up and heading west, relocating to Los Angeles with her husband just as her career starts to shift into overdrive. For the latter, it swells around her impactful new single, “Warning Signs.”

Lotti’s new track, which was released via video last week, continues on the theme of female empowerment firmly established earlier this year with her alt-pop single “Beauty Queen”. While that addressed the plight of young women in America and the unfair standards of physical appearance placed upon them, this time Lotti tackles toxic relationships, and how sometimes the most obvious decision isn’t the easiest — for myriad reasons.

“For my last couple of projects, I was mostly writing about my life and my experiences and I was sick of writing about myself,” Lotti says. “I started to write songs from the perspectives of my friends or just stories I made up. So ‘Warning Signs’ stems from the idea that I think most people can say that they have been in a bad relationship at one time in their life and sometimes it’s hard to see the red flags when you’re in that relationship but easy to see them after it’s over.”

Lotti adds that the song “is a song from the perspective of someone looking back at their toxic relationship saying to themselves ‘Wow all the warning signs were there the whole time I was just so blind because I didn’t want to believe them.'”

Check out the video below.